CrossFit OnRamp

All CrossFit athletes must complete the OnRamp course before choosing any of the ongoing membership options.  Experienced cross-fitters may elect to bypass the OnRamp, but only if the head coach approves of the athlete's competency in all the fundamental movements.

Introduction Class


Overview of CrossFIT and the what will be covered in the OnRamp Course.

OnRamp Course


For more information on the OnRamp course, see Getting Started.

CrossFit Membership Options

Once OnRamp is completed

Full Time



Full time membership entitles athletes to attend up to 6 classes per week.

*All memberships are billed monthly.

Part Time


Part time membership entitles athletes to attend up to 3 classes per week.

*Part time memberships can be upgraded a full time membership at any time.  All memberships are billed monthly.

Discounted rates available for Military and First Responders.

Per Class Options

Once OnRamp is completed for CrossFit

Per Class

5 class pack - $75

10 class pack - $125

15 class pack - $150

Drop Ins - $20

*All classes purchased as part of a class pack must be used within 90 days.  Class packs may be used on any class.